Polo T-Shirts


Polo T-Shirts are pullover sport shirts of knitted cotton. It has short sleeves designed for comfort and casual wear. It is T-shaped shirt with a collar, two or three buttons down a slit below the collar, two small slits on the bottom of either side, or an optional pocket. This type of shirt is made in several colors and patterns. Wide horizontal stripes are common, as are solid color shirts.

Due to the outdoor nature of the sports they are associated with, the shirts are often colors associated with nature, such as brown, dark blue, green, and orange. Polo T-Shirts are worn by tennis, polo, and golf players. This style is also worn by those merely associated to the sports by work, such as caddies, golf professionals, and sports announcers. It is also a favored shirt for those working outside, such as groundskeepers and construction workers due to its ruggedness.

Sweat Shirts


It is called a sweatshirt because it keeps you from sweating, but will still keep you warm. A sweatshirt may be used in sports activities/training etc, in order to keep an individual cool. Sweat Shirts are usually long-sleeved, collarless, oversize pullover made traditionally of heavy cotton jersey that has a fleeced backing. Sweat shirts are available in different colors and are made from different materials, including fleece. These are designed a bit oversize to allow for some of the shrinkage. They are exquisitely designed to match up with ones mood and expectations. Sweat shirts are available vibrant colors and unique designs.

Sports T Shirts


These are T-shirts for sports. These T-shirts are made of cotton and polyester. They are designed with different patterns and style such as printing with logos, shortsleeves or sleeveless. Various designs can be made as required. The T-shirt is a comfortable dress. Suitable for all kinds of sport like jogging, running and water sports.

Crew Neck T shirts


They are the basic tees, which don’t have a collar and are generally short sleeved. They are made of light fabric and cater to the spring and summer collections. Most of the basic tees will have a print or embroidery in them for value addition. Sometimes the print may not be just designs, they will have some interesting captions or slogans or quotes. They are styled, either raglan sleeves or box sleeves or sleeveless.

Hi Fashion T-shirts


They are Tees which are worn for fashion and designed according to the season. There can me many value addition to the garment, like washing the fabric with acid, enzymes, and carbonizing the fabric. New garments sometimes appear to be old and faded and they are called "vintage styles". This is achieved by the various types of chemical and bio washes. There are other fancy prints and embroidery.

Cotton T-Shirts


Cotton t-shirt is an ultimate choice for quality and value in a t-shirt. Airy, soft, cozy, well-made, cotton t-shirt is great on its own with just a pair of jeans. The cotton t-shirt will wear well and retain its original color and decoration after multiple washings. Cotton t-shirts are available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large and also in a range of colours and styles. These soft eye-catching textiles and garments are one of the most demanded items in today’s market, which everyone wants to wear them.

Promotional T-Shirts


Advertising is one of the must-needs for any business to flourish. Word-of-mouth is already a thing of the past. In the competitive world of business advertising, a company's name should be out there- in the world where consumers needs to see it on a daily basis. Promotional items have always been a standard way of promoting a company's business. They range from pens to mugs, to notepads, mouse mats and even umbrellas but one of the staple items that can never go out of style is the promotional t-shirt. A company's name, products or services can be embossed on a t-shirt, or you can iron an image or a catchy company slogan. Telephone numbers and addresses are basic info to be printed. Some companies also include their websites. Companies could place whole ads on them announcing the launch of a new product or the introduction of a new line of business.


Custom embroidered T-shirts


Embroidered shirts are some of the most popular items we sell. Custom embroidered shirts are the most popular products we sell.  They are affordable, and show off your corporate logo or design with style. When you think custom embroidered shirts most envision a standard issue polo shirt. Many people overlook the fact that t-shirts can be custom embroidered just like polo shirts.

Vintage Style T-Shirt


Each garment has been washed to look vintage. These styles will lend themselves well to vintage-effect printing techniques, and each piece will be unique and will have its own character.

Full Sleeve T-Shirt


The full sleeve t-shirts are suitable for summer as well as winter wear. These are either made of cotton or polyester and have a formal as well as designer look. They also come with a collar and many designs and colors ranging from bright to dark.

Half Sleeve T-Shirt


These are manufactured from cotton as well as polyester and are designed in a trendy and casual style. These can also be worn with a blazer for a formal look and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Collar T-Shirt

24 This range is ideal for summer wear as it is made up of pure cotton. These come in a wide variety of colors and shades as well as sizes. They are also available as printed and designer t-shirts.

Round Neck T-Shirt


The round neck t-shirts are in demand for the wide range and provide a comfortable fit. The range is available in many colors and varieties and can be plain as well as printed. These are manufactured from the finest of cotton and polyester that makes them maintenance free and durable.

Printed T-Shirt


These t-shirts are printed in vibrant colors and can have geometrical and scenic patterns. The colors used are fast and the stitches are sturdy. Therefore this range does not need maintenance and can be washed at home.

Striped T-Shirt


The striped t-shirts that we offer are very trendy and ideal for a casual look as these can be teamed with a pair of jeans and knickers. These striped t-shirts are available in many vibrant colors along with the subtle ones.

Basic T-Shirt

32 These are T-shirts that can be worn with jeans for a casual look and with a lower also for night attire.

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