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Style Description :
Uni-sex Style

Price : 349

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  Enter the Number in Line 1 and your Name in capital letters or small letters in Line 2. If your name is very long, we will reduce the font size to fit the garment. Numbers and special characters will not be taken for printing.

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Special Instruction


  • You hereby agree for us to decide on the size,colour and style of the font.
  • No upcharge for adding numbers.
  • The above font and size is given for you to understand the layout and fit inside.
  • The following will be the exact font used for printing.

T-Shirt Color :  White

We try to ship the order in the same day. However all orders received are shipped within 2 to 3 working days from the receipt of payment/confirmation. In case of Customer side specific orders, we need 10 days additional to get them ready.